ROCCUPY the Music

Written on:December 16, 2011
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theLeftAhead contributor Daniel Watts launched a new web venture yesterday. Regular readers of this blog know that theLeftAhead regularly features underground poltical music and that theLeftAhead has extensively discussed and particpated in the Occupy movement. ROCCUPY.FM is a venture that we believe regular readers of theLeftAhead will enthusiastically support. We are proud to present to our readers the newest web venture in the M7 family tree…

ROCCUPY.FM is a fusion of music, podcasting, and live streaming combined to create a bottom-up, user-controlled radio experience. Occupiers are able to instantly record their own audio messages into the broadcast. All genres of musicians are able to upload and optionally sell or share their music with our listeners. Musicians will keep 99% of their earnings. We are currently looking for and encourage Occupiers to podcast from or about OWS protests. We intend to cultivate, schedule, and coordinate live broadcasts from OWS events around the world, or other OWS related shows. is to be a medium through which to proliferate solidarity, perspective, and audio content created by Occupiers around the world. We are the unofficial soundtrack of the OWS movement. #roccupy

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