Crew54 – My Life (feat. Carter Arrington)

Written on:August 29, 2012
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Yesterday, Crew54 released BRB… their latest EP. MOS and G-Christ have been dominating the underground hip hop scene in Austin and greater Central Texas for years after bursting on to the scene with their 2007 classic Aggressive Soul. Since then they have worked with just about every prominent hip hop act in the CenTex area in some capacity and they have provided leadership as well as much needed visibility to the emerging Austin hip hop scene through their tireless work creating The 54 Reality Show. If you’re trying the make it as a hip hop artist in Austin and you haven’t crossed paths with the Crew, then you are more than likely doing something wrong. Having members of theLeftAhead staff who have worked with and performed with Crew54, we are extremely proud to play whatever small role we can in helping them get their music out to as broad an audience as possible. Please enjoy the new video from BRB… and buy the EP. Support underground music!



DVZN Media & Hotbox 254 Productions Present:

“My Life”
From BRB…
Produced by S. Killz
Featuring Guitar Solo from Carter Arrington.

Special Thanks to:
J.C. Allen
Melli Mel
B Yvonne Wharry
Ryan Guthrie & Altered Weddings for Equipment
MJ’s Bar & Grill



Crew54 – BRB…

BRB… -EP on iTunes | Follow MOS of Crew54 on Twitter | Follow G-Christ of Crew54 on Twitter


Video Source: DVZN Media on YouTube

Featured Image Source: Slaprapz

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