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Written on:August 15, 2013
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Alone in a raft of contumacy
Paddling in an ocean of apathy
Throwing out the net.
Droplets of salt water
Burn the eyes as passers by
Forge ahead with unwavering focus.
Stubborn discipline in rhythm
“Our boats shall not be rocked.”
One by one
Tunnel vision.
Two by two
Impermeable banter.
Four by four
Impervious rancor.
Approach, reproach
Then rescind into the distance.
Keep surveying impatiently
A connection within oar’s reach?
Summoning courage
Opportunity nourished
Pivot the raft like a pacing ocelot.
Side to side, back and forth
Jolt the next boat off course.

Buoy of hope appears from on high
Centered in the brightest twinkle.
Alas, a companion to whether the storm.
North star never waivers
It flickers with the same stubborn discipline
In rhythm
Organize, splish, splash
Organize, splish, splash
Organize, splish, splash.
Never pack up
Never jump ship
Message in a bottle
Now a group to construct a sail
Methodical, nautical, community.
The shore is inevitable
In the slow drift towards the tide.
A little elbow grease
And shake of gumption
Moonlit sand castles for all
On the horizon
Careening off the shoreline
Just stay afloat.

Written August 2013 in San Antonio, Texas

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