Occupy Austin

Written on:October 5, 2011
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“We will open our union halls and community centers as well as our arms and our hearts to those with the courage to stand up and demand a better America.” -AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka


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  1. avatarTed James says:

    #IDon’tHaveTheFactsToBackThisUp but God is a progressive. Rick Perry held rallies to pray for rain this summer and God obviously did not comply. But the week that the people begin to Occupy Texas, God opens up the heavens and the rains begin to fall! #JustSaying #OccupyTexas #OccupyAustin

  2. avatarJennifer James says:

    “God looked upon the people, and they had broken from the false prophets that had once captivated them. He looked, and they were defying the greed and corruption that His son had once rejected. He saw this, and He was pleased.” – Jenn 10:9:11

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