Written on:August 14, 2020
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If you’re not sparking Gangstagrass, I recommend you sample the new strain of that good 🔥


Gangstagrass – Freedom

Verse One: Dolio the Sleuth

Last night I saw a bright red comet in the sky
I asked for its purpose, and it gave me a reply
It said “soon come the day massa dies, but first you must prepare, keep your eyes on the prize”
Through the beat of the drum, by the light of the fire
We decide to be free as a bird when it flies
So we ready every axe, and we sharpen every knife
Get our people inside ready and willing to take a life
There are none worth saving, we’ll be soon done slaving
for now we must behave as usual while we’re making
Our plan to to reach the promised land of liberation
we’ll be breaking chains before the beast dem awaken
Watch the houses ablaze with flames before they cave in
No more will our pleas to the sky be forsaken
All praises due there’ll be much celebration
Plantation will be gone by the day’s end

Chorus: Gangstagrass

Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom,
Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom,
[Dolio] Gonna take this axe, and plant it in yo’ back
Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom
I ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom!

Verse Two: R-SON the Voice of Reason

Time to be about the challenge
Sitting at the counter to create some counter balance
Broken windows, folks doing damage
Just to keep a black man from having a sandwich
Not even that damn famished
Promising Dr. King, hoping I can manage
To keep it peaceful in the midst of this evil
It’s too much to take, damn it I can’t stand it
Might be time to go another route
Here come the pigs trying to drag a brother out
Coming with the cuffs but man I had enough
So that fist-in-the-air just punched him in the mouth
Running through the South fleeing for my life
Fighting against wrongs cuz we’re needing our rights
But even passing laws ain’t enough for y’all
Whose souls are too dark to even see the light

Chorus: Gangstagrass

Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom,
Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom,
[R-SON] We started on this march now we gonna tear this mess apart
Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom
I ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom!

Verse Three: Dolio the Sleuth & R-SON the Voice of Reason

[Dolio] Learned from the past, there’ll be no more marching
The demons the same as the day that he darkened
The shores of our precious, blessed mother continent
Stole our ancestors and put them on the market
They stayed fanning the flames that they sparked with
The evil intentions they’ve had from the start
If we still have to fight, then we’ll tear this apart
Peace will be found with a spear through the heart!
[R-SON] Another plan is a brother man in power positions
Sisters in greater control of our conditions
Even when it happens a doubt you’re going to listen
But somehow consider yourself a Christian
I’m on a mission to take these levels tilted
Straighten it out for all my elders that built it
Don’t care whether or not guilt you feel it
Not going to keep us from the freedom we will get

Chorus: Gangstagrass

Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom, (come on, I said)
Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom,
[R-SON] Take this system and we kill it, then we flip it and rebuild it, ’cause I
Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom, (no sir)
I ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom! (naw man)
I ain’t gonna wait no more
I ain’t gonna wait no more
I ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom!
([R-SON] Freedom songs for the sake of my fam)

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Gangstagrass – Freedom

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