On Your Wedding Day

Written on:July 8, 2012
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For Heather & Josh

Wayward memories fade to make room for a new
Awake, you float through butterflies to a familiar rhythm
Of curious bliss that is nuzzled against such old
Wonderment, you knew as a child to anticipate magic
That heightens your senses and codifies a borrowed
Resolve, you pine for the future but dance in the moment
Of yearning blown softly from your lips towards the blue
Abyss, you swim in the endless depths of hope.

Springs mist your eyes towards the eternity that vows
Patience, you swoon past the clutter to lock in a glance
As fleeting as rainbows but firm as a bell rings
Truth, you reach for the heavens that you find in a touch
Of fingers locked swiftly like wave crests in unity
Fall, in love you climb steadily up a smile whose reach
Pulls you closer towards oceans of safe passage to kiss
Forever, you bask in the renewing solidarity of trust.

Flashes clap harmony while your thumping heart pictures
Sanctity, you waltz round roast portions while lifting a glass
To feather tickled bubbles cajoling laughter while it toasts
Devotion, you settle in silence as sugar conducts blessings
That trap an embrace in a shared ritual’s duet frosting
Faith, you soak into chorus hummed gently for dreams
To line up before you as felicitations nudge at your farewell
Gaze, you turn and stroll on the generous warmth of joy.

Written July 2012 in San Antonio, Texas

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