Jonny Danger – Too Late (feat. Ted James & Nick Jones)

Written on:November 24, 2012
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Jonny Danger – Too Late (feat. Ted James & Nick Jones)

Intro: Ted James, Jonny Danger, Nick Jones

Hey, yo…what up, Danger?
Hey man, word on the streets is that people think your new to the rap game. (Ted)
Man, fuck that shit. I’ve been doing this shit for years. (Jonny)
Hell yeah. Man, we need to let ’em know, man.
Let’s take ’em back to that garage-sytle, pass-the-mic shit circa ’98. (Ted)
Yo, dawg…for real, I’m feeling that. Yo Nick, you down for this shit? (Jonny)
Man, what the fuck you think, man? I was born for that type shit. (Nick)

Verse One: Ted James, Jonny Danger, Nick Jones

We twistin’ through this mission
Gripping clocks like glocks
Hitting time-ticking
Block-shifting lanes
Chopping blades on the page
Of tomorrow’s front craze
We the next popping wave
Tipping over, dripping wet
Spilling venom on the set
M7 on the check
Then the stage is getting wrecked, pimpin (Ted)
Future glistening
The transition is as instant
As melodic comets to your knowledge
Gotta pause us when you’re listening
Malicious verbal inhibitions when we spitting
Mental fissions what we ripping
Smoke the beat when it kicks in (Jonny)
We on a mission ’cause tomorrow never comes ’till it’s too late
So tell me what you gonna do when tomorrow is today
When it’s too late, then the only thing to do is accept it
So that’s why I grab the microphone and commence to wreck shit
Living reckless, that’s the type of life that I lead
One hundred miles an hour, moving at a high speed (Nick)
450 horsepower, toking on that Tai weed
We tweak louder, yes indeed
Media showers, growing seeds
We devour M-I-Cs
Gun powder-packing deeds
Playa please, until we bleed
We keep it banging in the streets
Rolling deep
Like the watches counting time are obsolete
We on the grind
Spitting mind-expanding rhymes
Danger speak (Ted)
R-E-V back to me
Then N-I-C releasing heat
And that’s the leak
Clog up your pipes
Like the green up in the screen
Subconsciously we congruently
Spit this shit superfluously
You nervously
Hope we end it mercifully
Flame candles you can’t hold at these
Emcees with M7 in our sleeves
We checking the wannabes
Oration at your funeral like Pericles
Now please just take your seat
Open up mentally
Yo Nick, jump on this beat and fucking teach (Jonny)
I gotta preach
That’s the only way I’m reaching my peeps
See, it’s a war going on out here up on these city streets
This shit ain’t sweet
So you best just get your grip on reality
But living that fast life can fuck up your mentality
I live with tragedy every day of my life
But see, I gots to make it happen
‘Cause it ain’t nothing nice
I shake the dice and roll it like it was my last chance
‘Cause you see, this could very well be my last dance
So I can’t sit on my ass having feelings of sorrow
‘Cause the one thing that’s never guaranteed is tomorrow (Nick)

Chorus: Ted James

One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock, locked
Five, six, seven o’clock, eight o’clock, locked
Nine, ten, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock, locked
We rock hip hop around the clock
Future shock
Tomorrow’s not about to drop until M7 got the block hot
Gunning for that top spot
Check your watch
We can’t stop (repeat)

Verse Two: Ted James, Jonny Danger, Nick Jones

Chapter Two
Nah bitches, we ain’t through
We weaving dream-teaming stitches
Hitting switches in the coupe
So recoup the conscious-stream-mixing
Green-twisting crew
Spitting loose
Flipping scheme-splitting
Beam-tripling glue
Gotcha stuck, get the screw
Chop it up, now you cool
Whip the fuck out the mule-tired chump you aspired to
Listen to before I blew the new school into your view
I’m just doing what he’d do if he could do it like I do
Let’s review
Rev-U got the club bouncing to
The back, front too
Front if you want to
The fact still remains
The remains of your brain’s
Rearranged like mainframes
Maintained against the grain
By the range I’ve obtained
Kicking game until I’m slain
What’s my name, Ted James
We ain’t playing, get ’em Dange (Ted)
Ignite the flames on the wave of paranormal communices
Incisions in your brain behind your vision
I see the strain of the position you’ve obtained
Incision’s constantly constrained
Obtain the wisdom for the mission
Ripping schisms, laying waste
Like razor blades against a plate
Full of yay, come get a taste of Jonny Dange
Ripping through your arteries, predominantly
Sliding on the harmony
Philosophy’s comparable to Spartans at Thermopylae
Three hundred with no weaponry
Marching tepidly against enormity
No flowing dormantly
I’m pouring stories into folklore
No more ignoring the
Ivy-draped ministry
Perceived to be bourgeoisie
Ask the streets what they think of me
Lauded ’cause I lyrically murder beats with frequency
Like Son of Sam on a rhyming spree
Hung jury on my family
Blessed with verbal mastery
Yo Nick, holler B (Jonny)
It’s gotta be my fucking destiny
Or is it that the Lord is simply testing me
Either way, I refuse to delay
The time is now and I can’t hesitate another day
So make way ’cause the future has just become the present
Me, Danger, Rev, and the entire M7
And we recking the mic at any chance that we get
But we also keep a message in the shit that we spit
So this is it
It’s time for a change and we making it
Rap is in a state of emergency and we saving it
So recognize, M7 is on the rise
And this is a forewarning so you can’t act surprised
Just realize today is the day
So get up on it
You can’t wait on tomorrow ’cause tomorrow isn’t promised
I’m being honest
Look, there is no reason to wait
By the time you reach tomorrow it’ll just be too late (Nick)

© 2005 Millinium VII Entertainment / Produced by D-Wattz / Mixed by D-Wattz / Recorded at M7 Studios / All rights reserved

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