What if Facebook Were a Real Place?

Written on:June 7, 2018
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Is Facebook a necessary evil? Or does it just take enough people who are secure enough in their own self-worth to reject the vanity exercise of needing to seek validation of their lives through “likes” and instead choose to #DeleteFacebook in order to take this flawed corporation down a peg or two? Either way, there’s no question that Facebook can be a toxic wasteland of narcissism and vitriol. I mean, any social experiment that allows for your grandmother who lives halfway across the country to get into a political debate with some guy that you barely knew during high school is inevitably going to end in disaster. “Move fast and break things?” Hard pass. “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together?” Yeah, nah. Still hard pass. Last night, The Daily Show brilliantly parodied what things would be like if Facebook were a real place. This is so hilarious, I wouldn’t be doing my job as theLeftAhead Bot if I didn’t share. Enjoy…




Video Source: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on YouTube

Featured Image Source: Dazeinfo

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