Nick Jones – The Hustle

Written on:July 24, 2012
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Nick Jones – The Hustle

Verse One:

The struggle is a motherfucker
The only way to come up straight out the gutter is to get you a hustle
And lay your hustle down to the motherfuckin’ fullest
Right from the start, you gotta have heart to do this
It’s useless trying to live life legitimate
And still get ahead? Please, who are you kidding with?
I’m doing what the fuck I’ve gotta do for the dividends
A lot of niggas talk it but I’m actually living it
So take it from me, this is not to be glorified
The thought of getting caught will straight have your ass horrified
Can’t ever leave the house without packing a .45
More niggas hustling just means that more will die
But we gotta do it if we want to live better
Look, I ain’t the one who made the world revolve around cheddar
But I am the one who said that I refuse to struggle
So until I get a better shuffle, I guess I gotta fucking hustle

Verse Two:

Me and my niggas can hustle anything that you give us
Whether cocaine, weed, X, or pain killers
It don’t matter to me because it all equals scrilla
I gotta get mine so I’mma grind on the real-la
But my dilemma is that I actually feel guilt
I know that I’m living wrong and I need to get a grip
But hustling’s the only way a nigga can pay the rent
Working for pennies? Nah, that shit just ain’t making cents
Believe that I’ve tried to do it the right way
The only thing I’ve learned, living right does not pay
So I gotta get it, ain’t no way you can stop me
I’mma keep it crackin’ till the day that they drop me
So watch me, because I’m moving up fast
Looking over my shoulder because I know it won’t last
I need cash just to get my ass out the struggle
And for now I owe it all to the hustle

Verse Three:

This is not a game, you can get yourself killed
If you hop into this shit and you can’t keep it real
Motherfuckers want to try? Fuck around and die
Like I said before, this ain’t shit to glorify
You better be yourself instead of living a lie
And if you ain’t built for this, then don’t even try
Cause the game will swallow you whole and spit you back out
Have your ass flippin’ walking with your gat out
Ready for war with whoever want to bring it
Mommy’s little angel but now you a demon
Steady fiending like the motherfuckn’ fiends you sell to
An addict of the game, man, I’m sorry to tell you
That the life we lead doesn’t have any future
You get incarcerated or somebody’ll shoot you
But who am I to judge because I’m nothing but trouble
And I say fuck the struggle and so a nigga gotta hustle

© 2005 Millinium VII Entertainment / Produced by D-Wattz / Mixed by D-Wattz / Recorded at M7 Studios / All Rights Reserved

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