Ted James – Memories Freestyle

Written on:August 27, 2017
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Ted James – Memories Freestyle

Verse One:

My beginnings are my ends
The end has begun
Speak soft nothings
And I’ll whistle with my tongue
Matter of fact, pour the rum
I’d much rather hum
Let’s attack this ‘ole drum
Until the moon defers to sun
Twenty years on the run
In the barrel of a gun
Move faster backwards
When the words back come
On a journey to and from
I’m so cold I’m numb
Push my voice through the darkness
And we can make it back to one
We can twist it in a pun
So we can fill it in our lung
Then we can lift it in the air
And we can fly it up to where
We do not dare
Ever let the earth share
A glimpse of the flashes
That we sketch up there
The text prepares
Regrets for scares
Shot vexed like flares
Down endless layers
Of countless prayers
There’s countless stares
Of boundless carefree
Soundless blares

Verse Two:

Rewind the tears
In patterns paired
For modern fare
Postmodern glare
Let’s stop and swear
That life won’t ere
On cautious spare moments
Rationed here
My passion’s clear
The atmosphere
Is shrouding years
For clouds that rear
Down pounds of fear
Profound and dear
We sip some beer
We made it hear
I cannot veer
From the path I near
As I stash the sheer
Energy asked to steer
We’re masked in clear
Tendencies past through ears
To last in gears
That cut like sheers
Through never-ending tears
Never-ending tears
Never-ending tears
Never-ending tears
Never-ending tears
Never-ending tears
Never-ending tears
Never-ending tears

Verse Three:

So talk to me
Like brothers do
Still speak soft, homie
Let a dream shine through
The machine winds you
Until it’s steam blinds you
But we can beam right through
If we convene like two
Rhime Divine residue
A la folie á deux
Madness misting like dew
Let us redefine askew
Reminiscing won’t do
Too much squinting past true
If the past is all we knew
Then the last is present too
I’m just gasping for a clue
While I’m grasping to a pew
And still asking for a cue
Cause the casket’s out of view
No contrasting with the hue
Everlasting’s what we do
Dead poets, among the few
Who can twist a hip haiku
Flow it through a rebel stew
And hop it like a kangaroo
Just don’t get it twisted too
I’m still filled with anger too
Raging hard without my crew
What the hell am I still to do
The wind is still under review
God, I still miss you

© 2017 Millinium VII Entertainment / Produced by D-Wattz / Mixed by Ted James / Recorded at The House of Jeezy Studios / This instrumental contains parts of a recording of “Here Comes the Rain Again” by Eurythmics / This song is intended for fair use promotional purposes and is not for sale

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