Solidarity Radio – Episode One

Written on:September 4, 2017
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Hey, everybody. Happy Labor Day and welcome to the inaugural episode of Solidarity Radio! As the Union CEO, it is my privilege to accept the assignment of posting Solidarity Radio to the blog. What is Solidarity Radio? I’m glad you asked. Solidarity Radio is a labor movement podcast hosted by Ted James and Jay-Dao. It is recorded in Denver, CO and is part of the Union Underground imprint. Our goals for the podcast are to a) use it as vehicle for bringing new folks into the labor movement, b) talk about ways to build the movement, c) interview key unionists from time to time, and d) (last but not least) have fun. This first episode was recorded on June 3rd, 2017 and, because it was recorded late at night, actually ran into June 4th, 2017. During the episode, Ted James and Jay-Dao talk about restoring the American labor movement to a former glory, income redistribution to the top, and the conundrum of conservatives voting against their own economic interests. Later, our hosts interview one another about the other’s labor movement journey and then they wrap up with some rapid fire light-hearted questions. I really hope you enjoy the podcast. Solidarity Radio Forever ✊ #1uu




© 2017 Union Underground Productions / Hosted by Ted James & Jay-Dao / Mixed by Ted James / Recorded at The House of Jeezy Studios on June 3rd & 4th, 2017 / Theme Music: Jonny Danger – Underground Spark / The views expressed on this podcast are the views of Ted James and Jay-Dao alone. They should not be seen as reflecting the views of any labor organization or union.

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