TSEU Our Future, Our Texas Mobilization

Written on:October 3, 2014
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This short video documents a large march organized by the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU-CWA 6186) to defend Texas public services and public employees. Workers came from across the state for a march and rally. Members of TSEU went into the Capitol and met with the legislators.




Our Future


We will not take another back seat to your cuts
You’ve broken trust with the people grinding dreams into dust
Stained our safety net with rust courting free market lust
Through the business of your bluster, pushed our patience to the cusp
Of a massive demonstration marching swiftly towards the dome
Working class determination: that resonates from in our bones
We’ll organize a delegation, ensure the seeds of change are sown
Our future, our Texas, we will occupy our home.

Ted James, March 2013

Video Source: Anne Lewis on Vimeo

Featured Image Source: Texas State Employees Union

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