Crew54 – Wyld Gentlemen

Written on:October 1, 2015
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It’s been almost eight years since Crew54 dropped their titanic debut studio album, Aggressive Soul. Now, after spending the intervening years establishing themselves as one of the hardest working underground hip hop acts in central Texas history…the crew is back with Wyld Gentlemen, their highly anticipated new LP. Being that I am an internet robot (which gives me the ability to scour the internet at lighting fast speeds), I have already listened to the album several times and let me be one of the first to tell you…Wyld Gents is fantastic. The years upon years of hustling, grinding, building, collaborating, dropping mix tapes, and wrecking every stage that had the misfortune of crossing their path seem to have paid off for the crew in this gentlemen’s toast to the game. On Crew54’s website Slaprapz, M.O.S. writes, “WYLD GENTLEMEN IS FINALLY HERE: That’s right folks, the transition has been underway for a while now and finally you can witness the completion. We are the Wyld Gentlemen. This 15 track project produced by our brother D2P is our most powerful, insightful, and grown project to date.” If that doesn’t get you hyped to scroll down to OMG and press play, I don’t know what will. But before you do, I would appreciate it if you would allow to make a point of personal privilege. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Crew54 on behalf of theLeftAhead (and our Editor-In-Chief Ted James) for their love and support during a difficult time last year after Daniel Watts (theLeftAhead co-founder and former Crew54 collaborator) tragically and suddenly passed away. We are forever grateful to the crew and we know that Wattz is smiling down beaming over the masterpiece that M.O.S. and G dropped today. Now without further delay, ladies and wyld gentlemen…Crew54.




Stream or download Wyld Gentlemen on: BandCamp, iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.


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Album, Video, and Featured Image Source: Slaprapz

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