Rhime Divine – Media Shower

Written on:December 31, 2018
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Rhime Divine – Media Shower

Intro: Ted James

This is an underground show
Get low to the floor, Baby Doll, touch your toes
Got ambitions, let ’em go, don’t you know
This is a Rhime Divine track
All my soldiers in the back with a sack
Roll a batch, strike a match and unlatch to this rap…

Verse One: Ted James

Kurt Cobain, ain’t nothing changed but the numbers on the range
Got a gauge full of rage and I’m popping it on stage
Don’t be amazed just be afraid I didn’t make it through this phase
I’m on a page where I’m displaced like a Saddam in a cage
You feel the craze, you feel the heat like in a daze, you feel the beat
But can you dig it like grave, can you feel the fucking street
Up on your feet, rebel people, it’s time to begin
This ain’t the hotel suite, this ain’t the Holiday Inn
This the been forgot spot where 2Pac got hot
In the zone straight thuggin’ on the motherfuckin’ block
Tick tock in the drop with the gun cocked
Staring down a cop, open up shop, let them burners rock
Let the thunder roll, let the lighting strike, let me rip the mic
Let me hold your soul, it’s going down tonight
Light the peace pipe, grip your freedom tight
Let the sky drop showers on the hype ’till we shut it down right
It’s a fight doing music that can make the crowd loose it
Bringing true shit hard and ruthless with no capital to move it
The FCC just won’t approve it so radio won’t let it spin
But since the public can’t refuse it, we on the FBI’s Top Ten
The kicked the Patriot Act in to get us up in the pen
Rhime Divine been burning bushes since way back when
The Public En – next of kin – with some Rakim mixed in
We make the goddamn music to get you tripping again

Graffiti Radio Live! Interlude: D-Wattz and Ted James

What’s up, it’s the underground radio show live. We in San Antonio.
Let’s talk about revolutionary music and why it doesn’t get exposed. [D-Wattz]
Music is money and money is music. [Ted James]
It’s a product, man, it’s not a fucking art form anymore.
That’s something that has to be changed, man, and that’s what we doing. [D-Wattz]
Yeah. [Ted James]

Bridge: D-Wattz

Can you see the shooting stars ’cause the gunning
Break ground by the dozen, can you hear the gat humming
Soldiers march, the underground sound drumming
Embrace the media shower ’cause it’s coming, coming, coming (repeat)

Verse Two: D-Wattz

Blau, stream it live, turn your set up loud
Ignite the datasphere like waves but downloaded through clouds
It’s like a missing murder witness testimony by sound
That spreads out, no doubt, by word of mouth through the underground
Hip hop phenomenon, new age communicator
Youth yelling truth against the lies in the news today
But most are stuck in a box of pimp daddies
We can’t get attention for you to pay, hey
This is the last call for scientific rap like the Big Bang
Competing vaccines fiber-scanning your sick brain
Chromosome of rations televised through the pigs vein
Passively excusing all corruption and real pain
They engineer consent, selling sex to the world
With strict diets of pop culture, puppeteering eternal
Another propaganda journal cut straight from the kernel
Leaves you distracted and inadequate to notice the murals
But yo, it never dies, you can be it, you can see it consumed
It survives, multiplies, stored away and resume
So until the media destroys who’s owning the truth
Re-force your eyes on graffiti, strict escapism new
‘Cause your favorite rappers turned bitch and just threw in the towel
Lap dog is in a niche for Clear Channel, Michael Powell
We circumvent your towers, rip and flip the underground
The mainstream powers with shooting stars creates the media shower

Grafitti Radio Live! Outro: D-Wattz and Ted James

But that shit is never going to get exposure on the corporate radio station. [D-Wattz]
98.5 The Beat, if you listen to that your silly. [Ted James]
Their playlist is sanctioned by big record labels.
Knowing that it’s going to get bought. [D-Wattz]
Check it, dawg. Y’all got the fucking technology now, bro.
All you gotta get is a computer and a modem…
Tune in to the real shit. [Ted James]

© 2004 Millinium VII Entertainment / Produced by D-Wattz / Mixed by D-Wattz / Recorded at M7 Studios / All Rights Reserved


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