The End of an Era

Written on:September 30, 2019
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Friends S6:E2 – Hey there, Mercedes Friends! What is the damn dealy-o? Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday. Hopefully a better Monday than me, at least. I’m sorry to report that I’ve come down with a cold and I’m feeling about ten underground stories under the weather. So in case you were wondering, I’m writing today’s post from bed. I mean, I figure my boss is on sabbatical and if he’s not going to be at the office, there’s no reason for me to be there. You would think he would provide me with sick leave for this type of situation but as he often reminds me, the whole point of this Friends 20/20 blog series is to put these posts out on the 20th anniversary of the episode I’m covering so the project does not allow for sick leave. (I wonder if theLeftAhead staff should unionize?) Don’t you worry, though. I’ve got my day time cold medicine, a box of tissues, and my laptop. The show must go on!

Just because the show must go on doesn’t mean the show must go on well. That’s right, class, you guessed it. Here we are on only the second post of the Season Six and I think being sick is just about as good an excuse as I can come up with to hit you with the first MAIL IN SPECIAL of the season. So without further ado, today’s episode centers around Monica and Chandler struggling with breaking the new to their respective roommates, Rachel and Joey that they are going to be moving in together and living at Monica’s apartment. Meanwhile, Phoebe spends the episode trolling Ross about still being in love with Rachel because of his desire to avoid the annulment and remain secretly married to Rachel. When Ross finally decides to pursue the annulment in order to prove to Phoebe (and a group of objective non-involved Central Perk patrons) that he isn’t in love with Rachel, he has a hilarious encounter with his divorce attorney where it becomes abundantly clear that Ross may be in some serious need of therapy. Therapy reminds me of doctors. Doctors remind me of the fact that I’m sick. Me being sick reminds me of the fact that this post has been designated a MAIL IN SPECIAL. So I guess…that’s all folks. See you next week when hopefully I’ll be recovered, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Nap time.

Recap in the Key of Phoebe – This is the one where Monica and Chandler have to break the news to everyone that they’re moving into together, Ross tells Rachel he’s taken care of the annulment of his and Rachel’s marriage (even though he hasn’t), Phoebe (with the help of some strangers) theorizes that the reason Ross wants to secretly stay married to Rachel is that he’s still in love with her, Joey cries when he finds out that Chandler is moving out, Rachel takes the news that she needs to move out so well at first it upsets Monica, and finally Rachel becomes emotional about not living with Monica anymore when it finally sets in that Chandler is moving in and it actually is the end of an era.

Gandalf Gaffes – None. Flawless episode!

Chan Man Quip of the Week – [The Setup] Monica and Chandler are snuggling on the couch at Monica and Rachel’s apartment talking about moving in together. Chandler asks Monica, “Ya know when we move in together, can I get a gumball machine?” Monica answers, “Of course!” and then asks, “Joey wouldn’t let you have one?” Chandler answers, “No. When it comes to sweets, he’s surprisingly strict.” Keeping the conversation on Joey, Monica asks, “Hey, have you figured out a way to tell him you’re moving out?” Chandler responds, “No, no, I keep trying, ya know? I can get out, ‘Joey, I have too…’ but then I lose my nerve and I always finish with, ‘…go to the bathroom.’ He may think I’m sick.” Turning to Rachel, Monica says, “Ya know, I really have to tell Rachel, but I… We just have to get it over with! Ya know, the next time we see them we’re just gonna tell them. Okay? That’s it.” Defensively (but not really), Chandler reacts by asking, “Oh, so that’s this is gonna work now. You’re just gonna order me around all the time?” Monica bluntly answers, “Pretty much” and Chandler concedes, “All right.” Joey barges into the apartment from across the hall and says, “Hey Monica!” She responds, “Hi.” Joey then asks Chandler, “Hey man, you feeling any better?” Chandler responds with a classic Chandler grumble. Ready to bite the bullet, Monica announces, “Joey, we have something to tell you.” Speculating wildly, Joey responds with, “Oh my God! You’re pregnant!” Taking aback, Chandler defiantly answers, “No!” He then turns and looks at Monica sheepishly, making sure there wasn’t something he didn’t know and asks, “No?” When she indicates to him she’s not pregnant by shaking her head, he turns back to Joey and once again defiantly says, “No!” Continuing with the actual news, Chandler tells Joey, ” Look Joey, here’s the thing, Monica and I have decided to live together, here. So, I’m gonna be moving out man.” Caught off guard, Joey says, “Wow!” He begins tearing up but also tries to pretend to be excited by continuing, “Well, uh… Hey! I’m really happy for you guys! Congratulations!” Joey walks over to Monica, kisses her on the cheek, and then says, “See you later” as he begins walking towards the door to leave. Concerned, Monica asks, “Wait! Joey! Joey! Are you okay?” Continuing to try to hide his disappointment, Joey fibs, “Yeah, I gotta go! I’ve got an acting job.” He then thinks about it for two seconds and admits, “Like you’d believe that. This sucks!” [The Knockout] Trying to smooth things over with Joey and having no qualms about throwing Monica under the bus in the process, Chandler fires off, “Look, I-I’m just gonna be right across the hall and I promise you, the minute Monica and I break up I’m moving right back in with you!”


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